John & Kari Kroshus Family History

Kari Pedersdtr (1821-1906)

Halvor, Kari, and Randi  Immigrate


Halvor, Kari and Randi's names were the first three on the passenger list for the bark Richard Cobden. The sailing ship left the port of Christiania on May 22 and arrived in New York on August 2.  Most emigrants then boarded a train for Chicago or Milwaukee, and made their way to the Norwegian settlements in southern Wisconsin.  We can assume that Halvor and Kari did the same.

 The picture on the left is of a brig, probably similar to the Richard Cobden, which was built at Brevik, Norway in 1847.  Mads Langaard of Christiania owned and captained the ship.  Picture from

















The above advertisement appeared in the Hamar Budstikke, March 28, 1851:

Passenger accommodation for New York. If sufficient number of passengers signs on, the copper hooded, and fast sailing ship "Richard Cobden" mastered by the undersigned, will leave for New York in Spring time. As the ship has a high, light and airy between deck, it is in all means a good and very comfortable ship, and is much recommended. In the ship's cabins there are room for a few passengers. Fees and other condition can be negotiated with N. Langaard, or M. E Langaard. N. E. Langaard will be enrolling passengers at the Grundseth Market at Opplandene. Kristiania, February 20th, 1851.

Signed N. Langaard


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