John & Kari Kroshus Family History

Is this a picture of John Anderson Kroshus?

Is this John Anderson Kroshus


Larger image*

Kroshus cousin Sydney Webb, a descendant of Albert Kroshus, found this unidentified photo.  We guess from the photo, his clothes, etc. that it is probably from the 1870s.  The individual in the photo is too old to be one of the Kroshus siblings, but about the right age for patriarch John Anderson Kroshus ....  John died in 1879.

Can you confirm the identity of the man in this photo?  Who do you think it might be?      Send us an !   We'll post your thoughts at the bottom of this page ... 


Compare the 2 photos side by side









Larger image of the comparison*

ThanksSydney Webb for this unidentified photo 


Cousins say:        1) Cowlick above the ears, mouth and eyebrows look the same to me ...

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