John & Kari Kroshus Family History

Pauline Kroshus Grover (1862-1941)


Pauline Anderson Kroshus married Alexander Grover in 1884

Wedding Photofrom the Glyndon Paper













Clay County Marriage Index - pdf document

Old Concordia ChurchFrom the Red River Valley Times published in Glyndon MN on 27 November 1884:

Last Thursday the people gathered together from far and near to witness the marriage of Mr. A. T. Grover and Miss Pauline Kroshus.  The ceremony took place in the new church but the guests followed the bride and groom to the house of Mr. Grover where a sumptuous supper was partaken of.  The whole night and first part of next day was spent in dancing and other merry-making.  Many fine presents were made to the bride.  The good wishes of the whole community are extended to the couple.  It is rumored that other weddings are soon to follow.


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