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 Berge O. Lee - Civil War Service

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Pension Record

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Name: Berge O Lee ,  
Residence: Deerfield, Wisconsin
Enlistment Date: 22 October 1861
Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
Side Served: Union
State Served: Wisconsin
Unit Numbers: 3065 3065
Service Record: Enlisted as a Corporal on 22 October 1861
Enlisted in Company H, 15th Infantry Regiment Wisconsin on 22 October 1861.
Mustered out Company H, 15th Infantry Regiment Wisconsin on 13 February 1865


Link to 15th Wisconsin Website - Corporal Lee Biography


Regimental History
Fifteenth Infantry


Colonel Hans C. Heg and Ole C. Johnson, commanding

The Scandinavian regiment was organized at Camp Randall, Madison, in Dec. 1861, and Jan., 1862.

It was mustered in Feb. 14, 1862, and left the state March 2, being ordered to Bird's point, Mo. Six companies were sent to take part in the siege of Island No. 10, and at the surrender the entire regiment was used in garrisoning and strengthening the fortifications.

The regiment was sent in pursuit of Morgan's guerrillas and returned with 50 prisoners and many horses and wagons, having destroyed guerrilla premises, a distillery, whisky and grain for which it received Gen. Rosecrans' compliments. The regiment was in a sharp fight at Nolensville pike in December losing 75 killed and wounded, and on the 30th and 31st was in the advance towards Murfreesboro.

This brought it into action at Stone's River, where it made a name for itself for endurance and courage, losing in two days 119 in killed, wounded and missing. In the battle of  Chickamauga it was engaged in a terrific contest with the enemy's main line, being hurried into line on the double-quick to fill a gap, its accompanying regiment leaving it unsupported. An Illinois regiment was sent forward, but soon fell back, and believing the 15th to have done likewise opened fire, bringing the 15th under fire from friends and foes and compelling it to break lines and escape as best it could.

The next day it was ordered into a gap and twice repulsed the enemy, but being left without support and nearly surrounded, it was again compelled to break ranks and retire. It lost in the two days 101, leaving but 75 men on duty.

At Missionary Ridge the regiment was the first to occupy Orchard Knob. It was in the advance at Buzzard Roost and Rocky Face Ridge; in the engagement at Resaca, charging the first line of the enemy's entrenchments; was in the engagements about Dallas, losing 83 in killed, wounded and prisoners, in the assault on Kennesaw Mountain, was in reserve at Peachtree creek, and was engaged in the battle of Jonesboro.

The regiment then performed provost and guard duty until mustered out. Cos. A, B. C and E were mustered out in Dec. 1864, and the others in Jan. and Feb. 1865, at Chattanooga.

The recruits and reenlisted veterans were transferred to the 24th Wis. infantry and later to the 13th. The original strength of the regiment was 801. Gain by recruits, 97; substitutes, 1; veteran reenlistments, 7; total, 906. Losses by death, 267; missing, 23; desertion, 46; transfer, 47; discharge, 204; mustered out, 320.

Source: The Union Army, vol. 4, p. 54

Battles Fought
Fought at Atlanta, GA.
Fought at Charleston, SC.
Fought at Dug Gap, GA.
Fought at Kenesaw Mountain, GA.
Fought at Lancaster.
Fought at Nolensville, TN.
Fought on 20 October 1862.
Fought on 29 December 1862 at Stones River, TN.
Fought on 30 December 1862 at Stones River, TN.
Fought on 31 December 1862 at Stones River, TN.
Fought on 19 September 1863 at Chickamauga, GA.
Fought on 20 September 1863 at Chickamauga, GA.
Fought on 08 October 1863.
Fought on 01 January 1864.
Fought on 15 January 1864.
Fought on 01 March 1864.
Fought on 03 May 1864 at Red Clay, GA.
Fought on 11 May 1864 at Rocky Face Ridge, GA.
Fought on 14 May 1864 at Resaca, GA.
Fought on 15 May 1864 at Resaca, GA.
Fought on 27 May 1864 at New Hope Church, GA.
Fought on 27 June 1864 at Bald Knob, GA.
Fought on 28 June 1864 at Bald Knob, GA.

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